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Ava Living Designer Room Review
Matthew’s Living/Dining Room
What Ava Living designer Les Bernabi - Ciao Interiors has to say about member matthew keele's room.

Les Bernabi - Ciao Interiors, IDS Associate, IFDA, DSA 

Comments to Designer (Optional): Very long living room that is a blank canvas really. There are only 2 lights in the room (!!) above the fireplace so that would be a must fix. The ceiling fan would go. At some point we hope to allow the fireplace to double as, well, a fireplace and entertainment unit (ie niche above for tv possibly). So possibly two stages to remodel. 1) furniture, accessories,layout and 2) second phase of lighting, fan, fireplace remodel to replace brick and add tv niche
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Your room's personality is down-to-earth.  The mood it engenders is unpretentious and comfortable.

Les Bernabi - Ciao Interiors, IDS Associate, IFDA, DSA 
 Kalispell, MT
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Dear Matthew,

Thank you for your room review request for your living room. It sounds like you are going to be making a lot of improvements with your living room and I agree removing the fan and obtaining a good lighting plan will be important to finishing the room

With a long, narrow space like yours, there aren't a ton of options for furniture arrangement, however with the right layout you will notice a big difference in the way the space can feel and flow together. When looking at your living room, the fireplace becomes the primary focal point. When you get to the phase of remodeling if you keep the fireplace I would remove the hearth and have stone flush with wood floor and you could add your TV above This will create a dominant focal point and help to visually open up the space. Furniture placement will be important so you don't clog the space or pathways.

Add some art or photos for the perfect finishing touch, along with accessories, window treatments, and an area rug. We would be more than happy to help suggest a furniture layout, window treatments, furniture, lighting, and accessories to name a few by purchasing the Designer Top 7 option found on Ava Living's Online Design Services Menu. We look forward to hearing from you


Les Bernabi DSA,IDS
Ciao Interiors