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Ava Living Designer Room Review
Sabrina’s Living/Dining Room
What Ava Living designer Rhonda Vandiver has to say about member Sabrina Blasingame's room.

Rhonda Vandiver, RID, ASID, IIDA, LEED AP 

Comments to Designer (Optional): Hi there, we recently purchased this new home and I'm very lost as how to decorate the living and dining area. It's one large open space. I do not have a country style at all, I like eclectic, modern styles with bright colorful colors. I'm interested in a mix between a rustic, modern and eclectic feel but not too much rustic.

I'm not crazy about the honey color wood. I'm trying to minimize that as much as possible and am not opposed to painting the baseboards, crown molding and stone work. My old home has grey walls and accent colors were coral and turquoise with lots of mixes of different patterns. Just to give you an idea of what I typically lean towards. I want this house to be a bit more streamlined and sleek but still with pops of color and a modern feel. I'm in desperate need of help with paint colors, new furniture, décor and the whole nine yards and would appreciate any help!

Thank you,
Sabrina Blasingame
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The personality of your room is down-to-earth.  The mood it engenders is warm, casual, comfortable, and simple.

Rhonda Vandiver, RID, ASID, IIDA, LEED AP 
 Farmers Branch, TX
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Dear Sabrina,

What a great space to start with! The combined styles of rustic and modern can be tricky to achieve but, when pulled off, can work well together. We agree that toning down some of those honey tones can be a great place to begin. We suggest breaking up the wood floors with area rugs and adding the colors that you love to the space through paint and accessories. The trick will be having the right balance.
Its great that you are willing to paint the molding and trim work. Have you considered painting or staining the cabinetry in the kitchen as well?
Before you purchase furniture and accessories, circulation and functional needs will need to be addressed. The french doors and the opening to the bath and bedrooms will effect your circulation needs and placement of furniture. Defining a focal point in the space, whether it be the angled fireplace or something you add in later, can really help. We would love to assist you in designing this space!

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We would love to provide you with a custom quote to help you decide the direction that you would like to continue with this process.

We suggest nailing down the functional needs of the space, a priority list, your budget, and some inspirational photos that merge the styles that interest you. Define what you love about this house--we want to make sure those elements remain in the home.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our services. We would love to help you with your new home.

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